Spring Brings New Growth and……Mulch!

Spring Brings New Growth and……Mulch!

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Now that Spring is here and the winter chill is melting away week by week our minds begin to wonder. We think about the sun shinning, the April Showers, and all that landscaping and yard work we need to do.

  1. Stir up your old mulch a little before laying down new mulch.
  2. Only have a 2 inch layer of mulch. Anymore you will prevent proper irrigation of you plants.
  3. When using colored mulch it is best to spread it on a nice day with no rain.
  4. Keep your colored mulch on a tarp or off areas you do not wish to have stained.
  5. Carefully plan out where you want to mulch.
  6. Be sure to calculate how much mulch you will need. Check out the guide:

Here are a few helpful tips for you this Spring as you mulch your flower beds and make your yard look vibrant and full of life.

Depth100 Sq. Ft1,000 Sq. Ft.
2″9 Bags84 Bags
3″13 bags125 Bags
DepthSq. Ft.

For more helpful tips check out more of cmcmulchcolorants.com.

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