With the change of seasons so does the way people treat their yards and flower beds. One of the main things that people are using in their landscaping is mulch. There are all different types of mulch out there to choose from and now many of them can come in a wide range of colors. One area of the country that is a large manufacture of Mulch is Texas. Mulch colorant and dye industry in Texas had been growing steadily over the last several years as more people are beginning to take advantage of the benefits it has to offer. One of the major benefits to colored mulch is the curb appeal it gives a home, a business or organization. Benefits are not just limited to how the mulch looks though. Colored mulch also offers:

  • Insulation for plants in varying climates
  • Limits weed growth
  • Holds in moisture preventing your plants from drying out
  • Different mulches provide different nutrients to the soil

Custom Milling & Consulting offers a premium line of mulch colorants and dyes to the state of Texas.

We can ship to cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio or anywhere in the state. You can order the colorant by the drum, tote, or truckload depending on the amount of mulch production your company does. CMC has been manufacturing colorant and dyes for the paints, inks, and pigment industries for more than a decade. They have taken their knowledge of blending pigments and liquids together to create their own line of mulch colorants and dyes. Their expertise in particle size reduction and dispersion has provided them the ability to create of quality product with a color strength that fluctuates by no more than 3% on every batch. We offer different shades of red, black, brown and gold. In addition to our premium mulch colorants we also provide a hybrid colorant that can be used on those types of mulch that your basic dye will not adhere to. The various types of mulch that our lines of product can color and adhere  to include:

  • Pine-bark
  • Hardwood-bark
  • Wood chips
  • Cedar
  • Compost
  • Green waste
  • Aggregate
  • Blended sub-waste

If you are need of equipment to color your mulch CMC has partnered with Timber Ridge Equipment for the Chameleon Colorant System, and manufactures the Chameleon Pump systems, and Tote mixers. Contact us at sales@cmcmilling.com to speak with a representative about having a mulch colorant/dye sample to be shipped to Texas or inquire about the mulch coloring equipment.

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