Facts & Tips on Colored Mulch

Facts & Tips on Colored Mulch

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Colored mulch has been around for quite some time now and is used in many lawns and gardens. People have a variety options available to them when they go to the landscape store and look at all the mulch and stone that is out there. They can choose from all natural, stone, wood, colored and so much more.

When people look at the colored mulch they see all the colors from black, brown, red, and gold and think how pretty it will make their landscaping look on their home and garden. But they maybe wondering if that colored mulch is safe for the plants and the environment.

The colorant or dye that is used on mulch is safe for your plants and the environment. Colored mulch is not harmful to you, your animals or those pretty hydrangeas that you have in your blooming garden.

Below is a brochure that gives you plenty of tips, and safety facts about mulch. Take a look at it before you go out and be informed on what you are buying. Also on how much you will need, how to properly handle it and spread it in your garden beds.