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CMC Tests better than the rest!

CMC mulch colorants were tested next to a leading competitor and outperformed them by more than 15%. Mulch manufacturers that make colored mulch know that quality matters but so does efficiency for improving the bottom line.

CMC full line of colors includes:

  • Red
  • Crimson Red
  • Bursting Red
  • Brown
  • Spring Brown
  • Coffee
  • Xtra Black
  • Jet Black
  • Gold

Four colors were tested and compared in this trial; black, brown, spring brown and red. They were tested by demonstrating how many pounds per cubic yard were used to achieve the color that they wanted. The amount of dye that was used was the only variant in the test, the amount of water used was consistent. Below are the percentages that demonstrate the difference in how much dye was used between CMC and the competitor.




Lbs. per cu/yd.

Lbs. per cu/yd.


Brown 4.14 3.5 15.45%
Red 6.14 3.43 44.13%
Spring Brown 5.74 3.31 37.63%
Black 3.86 3.24 16.06%


The chart above demonstrates that the mulch manufacturer used less of the CMC colorant than the competitor. Every color ranges in percentage from 15 all the way up to 44, and that can make a large difference in the production of the mulch.

CMC uses technology that takes the pigments and other ingredients, that breaks down the particles to produce microscopic sizes. This process has shown that you need to use less dye to achieve the desired results while still getting optimal coverage that will last.

CMC Dedicates New Building to Carl D. Yerger

Building 4 Image 1Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc., is pleased to announce the opening of its new 33,600 sq. ft. facility located adjacent to its existing three buildings. The new building has been named the Carl D. Yerger Logistics Center in honor of the late Carl D. Yerger, the late president/co-owner of CMC that passed away in March of 2014.

Mr. Yerger valued innovation, growth, and superior service through every facet of the company and he believed in “making our customers successful first and then our success will follow.” It was hard work, commitment, and leadership that Mr. Yerger aspired to and exhibited every day while working closely with employees and customers.

With the completion of the new building CMC proves that they are on a path that leads to the future. The layout of the new facility consists of the following:

  • State-of-the-art analytical laboratory for quality control
  • Large production area with 40,000 gallon capacity indoor tank farm
  • Storage area for equipment and parts
  • Warehouse area for both raw materials and finished products
  • Future cGMP Production facility for manufacturing cosmetics, food, and pharma related products

The Carl D. Yerger Logistics Center is one more stepping stone in the continued growth of CMC. Finding new ways to better serve their current and future customers will remain the number one goal of the company.